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Tachikawa High Application -- Yanagi, Hisoka by Akkubi Tachikawa High Application -- Yanagi, Hisoka by Akkubi
I decided to attempt to join this adorbs group right here :icontachikawa-high:
Everything about it is amazing, I suggest that you guys check it out. ; w ;

Well, I updated/changed some things about my socially awkward boy. ; V ; I really hope that I have enough information about him. 
And I really hope that I am able to join... especially since there seems to be an abundance of socially awkward students. :iconmingplz::heart:


Name: Yanagi, Hisoka [Surname, First] 
Nickname: Yaya-nii [his little sister calls him this--], Jiji
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Currently unaware ; v ;
Age: 15
Grade: First

Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Cooking -- he isn't very good, but he tries orz ; A ;


♥ Fruit Cake (クリスマスケーキ)
♥ Snow/Cold weather
♥ Mugichi (麦茶) [Tea-- preferably iced)
♥ Talkative, cheerful people-- he's more of a listener rather than a talker and prefers it when others take the lead
♥ Romance Novels, Simulation games [Dating] 
♥ Feeling involved/included in social environments-- he's a naturally awkward, kind of shy person and really appreciates feeling involved/included despite his 'terrible' personality [:iconlazypoolplz:]
♥ Texting/IM-ing-- though he has a bad habit of not replying because he over thinks his reply's and panics ; 3 ;
♥ Reading/Watching Hentai-- this is a secret that nobody knows about ; v ;


• Hot/Humid Weather-- it often gives him severe migraines and nosebleeds [from the heat]; he's often very miserable in the summer.
• Genmaicha (玄米茶) [Another type of tea; an ingredient is roasted rice-- tastes popcorn-y]
• Strenuous exercise/exercise in general-- not the most 'physically fit' person and gets fatigued quite easily ; v ;
• Quiet, serious, stoic people-- they make him feel awkward and/or nervous
• Overcrowded rooms/public facilities-- he's slightly claustrophobic
• 'Sickeningly' sweet, 'cutesy' girls-- it's not that they annoy him, he just feels anxious/nervous around them; he often panics around people he deems as being 'cute' [Including males]
• Feeling as if he's being talked about--whether it be good or bad ; v ;b
• His dark under eye circles/bags


Timid -- He is naturally a very shy, timid person... meaning that he lacks the courage/confidence that other [outgoing] people have and is easily frightened or discouraged. He has always been the kid to sit at the very back of the room away from the other children... despite the fact that he longed to talk to/befriend them.

Sensitive -- He is a very emotional, sensitive boy... sometimes overly emotional and sensitive. He thinks with his emotions rather than with logic, making him a bit impulsive and impetuous. A downside to Hisoka's emotional/sensitive nature is that he is often overwhelmed by the strong magnitude of his emotions and tends to get a bit... crabby. 

Socially Awkward -- Hisoka has always had a hard time making friends throughout the course of his life due to his shy, timid nature and tends to be a bit awkward when interacting with the people around him. Though he tries to appear calm on the outside, he is often panicking on the inside, resulting in him rambling on about nothing or just quietly staring at said person in a frighted manner. [much like a deer in headlights.]

Gentle -- He is a naturally kind, gentle person and doesn't like constant arguing or fighting. His mother often describes him as being 'fragile' and 'peaceful'. 

Compassionate -- Hisoka genuinely cares for the people around him and normally very understanding/sympathetic of the situations they are in.

Self-critical -- He is almost always criticizing himself on his actions, choices, and abilities in a unduly disapproving manner. This lowers his self confidence/esteem tremendously, and though he is quite aware of this, he can't help but over think and criticize everything he does. 

Hopeless Romantic -- He is a sucker for romance novels, games, movies, etc. and longs for a relationship similar to the ones he has seen on television and movie screens, though he knows that that is a dream that will most likely never come true due to the fact that he is scared of girls and relationships... not to mention his social anxiety and inability to communicate with others. 


Hisoka was born February 22nd to a fairly wealthy family in Yokohama, Japan. 
He had/has always been a quiet, shy, slightly awkward child who hated being away from his parents for more than a second. If either of his parents tried leaving the room without him, he would often start crying/wailing and run after them. He was [and still is] a very sensitive child who takes even the slightest of comments and gestures very personally. His sensitivity often aggravated his older brother and sister when they were children, causing them to act a bit harsh towards him. Being the 'baby' of the family Hisoka was constantly, well, babied. His parents often refused to punish and/or scold him, fearing that they could potentially scare/hurt him. This aggravated his siblings more than his "sensitivity issue". Even after his younger siblings were born his parents continued treat him as if he were still a baby. Unlike his older brother and sister, Hisoka never attended an official preschool/kindergarten. He learned the needed material from educational toys and games.

Having never parted with their baby boy for long periods of time, Hisoka's parents were a bit hesitant about sending him to elementary school... Hisoka wasn't very happy about it either. He cried throughout the entire first day of school, constantly asking his teacher if he could call/go home. His second day of school was a bit easier for both him and his teacher. Hisoka would often eat and play alone as he was too nervous/scared to talk to the other children. It wasn't until the end of the school year that he made his first friend. His first friend was a small girl named Akichi.

Akichi and Hisoka parted ways as soon as their elementary years had ended. Hisoka, being a shy and quiet child, never talked much. In fact, he was so quiet that his classmates often forgot that he was there. Hisoka didn't like feeling like a 'wallflower' but lacked the confidence that the more social students had. Over time, his classmates labeled him as the school's 'silent stalker' as he had a bad habit of staring at and sometimes following a group of people that he wished to befriend. The other children found this to be quite creepy, and Hisoka himself found his habit to be quite creepy as well. He just couldn't help it, it's not like he purposefully stalked them just to stalk them. He just didn't know how to approach them. Hisoka has always been the type to over think social interactions then panic... and that's exactly what he did. He would sometimes follow his classmates during lunch in an attempt to approach and talk to them, then panic when he finally got close enough to speak.

It was during his Junior High years that he changed from being an overly sensitive stalker to just being an overly exhausted, quiet boy who always seemed to be annoyed with the people around him. Because of his middle school experiences with 'making friends' he decided that he was not going to speak unless spoken to and not attempt to befriend someone until they had at least made an attempt to befriend him. This would just save him from being embarrassed and hurt in the long run. While this was not the most enjoyable time in his life, Hisoka finally felt as if he wasn't making himself look like an idiot for once. He began playing various simulation games to make up for the fact that he had no friends... which didn't help his self esteem at all because it made him feel pathetic, but it was better than nothing. It was during this time that he began staying up for long periods of time neglecting sleep. It was also at this point in time where his mother nicknamed him "Jiji" or "old man". 

After Junior High ended Hisoka decided that it'd be best for him to at least attempt to break free of his socially awkward behaviors. It was also at this time that he learned about Tachikawa High and their high academic success. He saw this as both a potentially educational and social experience for himself. His was able to talk his parents into sending him off to TH as soon as fall drew near. 

(aldkfjaskdf-- please forgive me, I'm terrible at coming up with backgrounds for my oc's :iconsobbplz:))

Additional Info:

♥ He loves tragic yet romantic stories/movies/etc.
♥ His mother says that his dark under eye bags/circles makes him look old, so she calls him 'Jiji' which means old man.
♥ He has a bad habit of staring at people that he is attracted to/interested in. [not always in a romantic way.]
♥ He almost always looks slightly annoyed or upsetted, though this might not always be the case.
♥ He can be a bit clingy/possessive after becoming comfortable with someone.
♥ His 'only friend' is a plush panda that he named 'Pachu'. 
♥ He has a blog where he re-blogs cat gifs, stupid videos, and rants/jokes about his social anxiety/inability to make friends.
♥ He has more friends on the internet than in real life. 


"I-I've got pleny of friends... on the internet that is..."
"I'm tired."
"I'm not antisocial. I'm just scared of people."

None atm :iconcutiesmileplz:
If anybody wants to rp with me, just comment below ; 3 ; I like rping through notes/comments-- lit or script. <3
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i hope i could rp with him sometime, it's actually my first time doing rp and joining an rp group, so yep :iconyea-plz:
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